Teen & Adult Karate / Martial Arts

These classes are age specific and adapted to make the perefect Teen & Adult Karate training / learning environment.  This is not the Karate you may have been taught in the past, this is modern day Karate using modern day teaching principles and technology.

Karate is a wonderful Martial Art and is one of our specialties. We have formulated the perfect system to allow people of all ages and backgrounds to learn at their pace and achieve Black Belt and beyond. Within our Karate system we break things down into the following categories, basics and sparring combinations, self defence applications for the street, Kata/forms, sparring and fitness. Breaking it down into these sections allows people to become better rounded Karate students. Along with these sections you will learn all encompassing Karate values, trade secrets, and the ability to use Karate at any time, in any given situation.

Karate is and always should be for everyone. With this firmly placed in our minds, we have family classes so that families can spend quality time learning valuable skills together. This is why we offer separate classes for adults and children to allow them the chance to learn at a pace that will suit their individual needs.

Our system of Karate is unique to us. We teach in an inverted pyramid style of learning, meaning as you progress higher in the grades, there is still more and more to learn and be tested on. This is not the norm, generally the higher you grade, the less you learn and are tested.

Our system is a modern take of a traditional art. Using this 21st Century teaching method enables every student, including the black belts, to have something new to learn and aspire to. This we believe keeps everyone in the club fresh, eager for more and above all, well trained.

During your Karate training with us you will benefit from the following: increased self confidence, discipline, a sense of accomplishment, increased fitness levels, friendships, and the ability to defend yourself and family and so much more.

Karate training at Canton Martial Arts is taught by highly qualified, enthusiastic instructors that have your best interest at heart. Karate training with us, can and will, be the best thing you ever did.


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