Little Samurais - Ages 5 to 8

This is our award winning children’s programme for those students aged from 5 to 8 years of age. Within the Little Samurais programme, we not only teach core Karate, Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu techniques, but also teach nutrition and more importantly about respect and discipline.


Each month our ‘Samurais’ work on set ‘themes’ within our syllabus, and at the end of the month are rewarded a badge to sew onto their uniform. We also have ‘award badges’ that go along with these ‘skills badges’ that they can work toward each month. This to us is a tremendous tool to help boost their self confidence, their willingness to learn and above all help them grow as respectful young kids.


Martial Arts begin and end with respect, and this is one of the first things they learn when training with us. When we bow, we ask “Why Do We Bow?” they answer “to show Respect”, we ask again, “Who are the 2 most important people to show respect?”, they answer with, “parents and teachers”. As you can imagine, this is a tremendous tool to bring out the best in our ‘Little Samurais’.


If you would like your ‘Little Samurai’, girl or boy, to reach their full potential in life, to gain better school grades, to become more respectful, to gain self confidence and have the ability to defend themselves against the bully or any other situation that may arise, then we urge you to bring them to us and we will assist you in achieving these goals.



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To all our amazing students and their families, and to ALL our friends and website visitors!
Together, let us SMASH all our 2019 goals!


Black Belt KARATE & Muay Thai Gradings

Massive congratulations to all those who reached major milestones in their martial arts journeys by grading at the weekend, 8th December, at the Eastbourne dojo!


Special mentions go to the FIVE students who attained their SHODAN Black Belts, along with Kira - Jade Marsh who graduated to her SANDAN, Third Dan.


Kudos, also, to Matt Tench who received his SECOND degree black belt in the Muay Thai sylabus.


You all did yourselves, your respective dojos and your club very proud.


Jokyu Spud


& Awards ceremony!


We had an amazing day with lots of families coming together as one BIG, Canton family, to celebrate the years events and to award those whose contributions to the club in 2018 deserved merit.


More pictures to follow!

Jokyu Spud


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