Testimonials from other ladies

'I have lost nearly 20 pounds and i feel great!!!  I have been coming now for 6 months, i started on the beginners course, and i cannot see myself stopping.  I enjoy how hard the classes are one week, yet technical the next.  It keeps me on my toes andthat what i like.  Thank you Canton for helping me lose a few extra pounds.'

'I started to help gain some confidence.  After an abusive relationship i was a bit of a mess.  I saw the advert for the beginners course, and before i knew it i had signed up.  I was so scared i nearly didnt attend.  I am so glad i did.  I have been here for 2 months, feel much better about myself and have started to gain some confidence back.  I didnt think i had it in me, but it appears i do. I cannot wait to see what the next 2 months is like, and the next 2 after that. Thank you.'


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