Ladies Only Kickboxing

Ladies Only Kickboxing is for all Teens & Adults.  Many ladies say they are too old...this is not the case.  This class is for all ages, and lets say you are a little bit more mature, then we can adapt this to fit your age and abilities.

The classes are non-contact, so you do not have to worry about getting hit or hurt.  Classes are taught in a safe environment, and to be honest are the most fun classes to teach.  The ladies and instructors keep this light hearted with lots of laughter and fun within every class.

But dont get us wrong, you will work out physically and mentally within every class.  You will be pushed to your limits in every workout, and most importantly, you will learn vital kickboxing and self defence skills.

This class is ideal if you want to tone up your muscles, lose those few extra pounds, yet not have to sit on a treadmill for hours and hours.  You will get fit, you will get in shape, you will have fun, you will enjoy yourself.

Why not have fun, learn a new skill and make some new, lifelong friends along the way? Give it a go; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

These classes are only held at the Eastbourne Dojo at the moment, but we do plan on opening up these classes in more locations very this space. 


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