Three Hills Sports Park

Cheriton Road, Folkestone, CT19 5JU. 

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Syllabus / Classes taught in Folkestone are:

Children Karate / Martial Arts Classes in Folkestone

Teen & Adult Karate / Martial Arts Classes in Folkestone


Instructors for Folkestone (Three Hills) are:

Denise & Mike Hardy, Scott Pursey, Leanne Long and Jay Tennis


Class schedule for Folkestone (Three Hills) is:

Tuesdays and Thursdays:

4.15pm - Little Ninjas (Please note this is on Tuesday's only)

5.00pm - Little Samurais

6.00pm - Karate Jutsu for Juniors, Teens & Adults 

6.00pm - Karate Jutsu Advanced for 3rd Kyu Brown Belt and Above (Thursday's only)


Fridays (Three Hills):

6.00pm - Family Karate Jutsu 



07397 776544


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