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OUR ETHOS - Modern Day Martial Arts With Traditional Values

TEACHING - We pride ourselves on having  a more modern approach to teaching ancient arts, using an inverted pyramid style of learning unlike the  systems that other clubs, (including ourselves in the past), have used or still do use. 

Due to this revolutionary new teaching/learning approach, we feel this enables students to have continued learning, along with set syllabus’s up to high grade black belt and beyond. 

At no time will training with Canton Martial Arts feel stagnant, you will always have new and varied things to learn and try to perfect.

Using this ethos and method, we have excelled in keeping students for long periods of time.

KARATE JUTSU - In the Karate syllabus, we really focus on building a great core foundation with the children through ‘play learn’, which then gives them a great understanding and ability to move onto the junior and senior syllabus.

To make the perfect cake, you must follow the perfect recipe, with this in mind each and every grade has a set recipe to follow to enhance the previous ingredients thus culminating in an even better cake in the future.

Step by step all students, young and old, are taken through the process of becoming the best they can be, to achieve their goals and ambitions.

With the right SPIRIT, and following our recipe to 5th Dan and beyond, we firmly believe you will become a complete Martial Artist, and be a stand out person not only within the Martial Arts but within your community as well.

MUAY THAI -Our Thai Boxing classes are the same as they are in Thailand. You start with good foundations, add to it, then add some more.  As in Thailand, there is no rush, it will come with time and hard work.  

Our aim is for you to perfect techniques and then, and only then, you can really see what more you can add to create the perfect Muay Thai Martial Artist.  

The skills learned can then be used to either fight in the ring, or protect themselves and their family in any given situation.

FAMILY - At Canton Martial Arts we are a family. We hold classes, seminars, parties etc for all of us and you to become closer as a family (Please see the Gallery section for recent event photos.).

To us family is number one, so if we can help provide a tool/activity/hobby that will bring you closer to your family, and receive an extended family that will be there to help and support you along the way, then ‘TEAM CANTON’ is for you.


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