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Ian Archer - DOSHI (Karate), KRU (muay thai), JOKYU (kobudo)

Ian Archer started training with Canton Martial Arts in Eastbourne early 2003.  He is currently a Yon Dan - Fourth Dan within Canton Martial Arts.


He currently helps Kigen run and oversee the classes held at the Eastbourne Full Time Dojo.


Ian is the only person within Canton Martial Arts history, to have earned an individaul Black Belt in the 3 various styles offered:

Karate - September 2007

Muay Thai - June 2011

Kobudo - December 2012


Ian was also the first, only only to date, person to grade to Fourth Dan in June 2016.


Although Ian mainly concentrates on the Karate side of things with Canton Martial Arts now, he will still be the first and probably only person to have accompolished this triple Black Belt accomplishment.


Ian, Doshi, is known for his crazy warm ups, super human strength, and for generally being able to bounce and boing from place to place.


He is a dediacted student, which is why he is the highest ranking student within Canton Martial Arts to this point.


Ian has turned his hobby, into a habit, which has definately turned into his way of life.


I firmly believe Doshi Ian Archer will be the Senior Instructor for Canton Martial Arts - Karate, for the rest of his days.


He and Kigen have a great bond, they understand where and why things have to be done, and can see and relate to students and how they can and will improve.


Ian is a cracking guy, will help anyone, and do anything, he is a perfect leader within Canton Martial Arts, and we are honored to have him.

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