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Garry Gilbert - Jokyu (Karate)

Garry started his training with Canton Martial Arts at the Herne Bay Dojo in 2009.  


Garry is a Sho Dan / 1st Dan Black Belt, and graded to this grade in December 2014.


Garry is without a doubt, one of the most enthusiastic members of the team we have ever had.  His youthful nature, and boundless energy make him a favourite with many student.


Garry is the full time instructor at the Ashford dojo, where his Sunday morning class, in  particular, is very popular with students from all areas.


His passion for Karate, his passion for Canton Martial Arts, his passion for getting the most from his students, make Garry one of the best instructors you can train with.


Garry is another great role model for members within our club, and I know his desire is to train and teach for many years to come.



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NEW Kent/Ashford Dojo!

The greatest Martial Arts club on the planet has just added ANOTHER location to the Ashford dojo!

Godinton Primary school will host classes each and every Monday from the 9th October so make sure you tell all your friends about this new venue!



We have little more than a few weeks left before we undertake the biggest ever grading and training day in the club's history to date.

NOW is the time to ensure you are fully focused and comitted to being your very best. Ensure you attend all available classes, as well as training/practising at home. 

Remember, to BE a Black Belt, you have to TRAIN like one!

Jokyu Spud



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