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Emma Tompkins - Sensei (Karate)

Emma has trained with Canton Martial Arts since 2013.


She has been a prominent part of the Little Samurais, assisting in their teaching, since 2014, within the Hastings / Summerfields dojo, and is now the full time instructor in Rye as well as teaching on Saturday mornings at the Hollington dojo.


Emma was formerly a highly qualified athletics and gymnastics coach and has made great use of her teaching and interpersonal skills.


Being such a highly qualified coach, along with being a sports massage therapist,  has given her a great insight into how she can help herself, her students and the Canton Team achieve their best., along with how to care for the body along the way.


Emma’s young son, Aaron also trains with Canton Martial Arts.


As a dedicated mum, wife and Karate teacher, Emma is someone that people can, and will, learn a lot from and take inspiration.  A pleasure to have as part of the team.



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Gradings & Summer Holidays!

Congratulations to everyone who graded over the weekend! You all deserved your new belts.


Don't forget, we are CLOSED for the holiday period from 14th - 28th August.


Last class will be held at the ASHFORD dojo on the morning of Sunday 13th August. FIRST classes will be held on TUESDAY 29th.


Have a great summer break and remember to wear lots of sunscreen and protect yourself from too much sun!

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