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Debbie Wild - Sensei (Karate)

Debbie exemplifies the success of the current Canton Martial Arts instructor training program.


She was one of the first members of the FOLKESTONE dojo in early 2014 and, from the outset of her training, showed dedication and complete commitment to her training and personal development.


She also took time to assist and help others in the club, forming strong alliances with fellow students.


She has assisted the teaching of the ‘Little Samurais’, as a Sempai, for some Months before being selected to become an instructor for the Academy.


Debbie is the instructor for the Saturday morning FAMILY class within the Hawkinge Dojo.


Debbie frequently trains alongside her son, Aaron.  The pair, with Debbie's guidance and leadership, are a great part of the Canton Family, and we are proud to have them in the team.

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