Our Ethos


THIS is what we are about. THIS is what makes us unique.

SPIRIT - You dont have to have the skills or the ability of a World Champion.....All you need is to express the right SPIRIT, this is more important than anything to us.  Spirit is something that all of us have and can harness.  Hard work with the right spirit will overcome talent that has no spirit and does not work hard.  Giving it your all, never quitting, digging deep, doing YOUR individual best....this is the SPIRIT that we want to see and can help you achieve.


DEDICATION -  Once again, we are not asking for you to train like an Olympic athelete.  All we ask for is for you to show us, and prove to yourself, that you are DEDICATED to your chosen Martial Art, and train as often as physically possible for your situation.  Being dedicated to train at home, being dedicated to come in when its cold, being dedicated to stick to your dreams and ambitions of becomming a black belt and beyond.  We will be dedicated to you to help this, all you need to do is be dedicated to yourself.


FUN - Have some FUN along the way.  Smile, make friends, enjoy spending time with others, enjoy the process of becoming a better you.  This is your hobby, enjoy it and have some fun.  Martial Arts in the past was not fun....IT WAS BORING.  Our aim is to change that perception.  This can be, and is, fun.  Learning what you can and cannot do with your body, how far you can push yourself...at the same time as having a giggle with friends/family along the way is a gift.  There are not many activities that us as families can have FUN doing together...yet here at Canton Martial Arts you can.  FAMILIES THAT KICK TOGETHER STICK TOGETHER. 


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