Mike Hardy - JOKYU (Karate)

Mike Hardy, or Spud as he is more commonly known, started training with Canton Martial Arts in May 2010.


Mike is currently a Ni Dan / Second Dan with Canton Martial Arts - Karate, and graded to such in December 2016.


He is also a FIRST Kyu in Kobudo weapons.


Along with his wife Denise, Spud is a full time instructor with Canton, and oversees the running and teaching of the Canterbury, Folkestone & Hastings Dojo's.


He trains with Kigen as a personal full time student twice per week.  This dedication to his own training shines through.  This dedication has helped Mike lose over 6 stonne in weight since his Karate career started.  


Mike's passion for Karate, and everything the Canton system has to offer comes across in abundance.  His dedication to all of his students, and their families, is beyond what is expected.

This alone makes him, together with his wife, an outstanding teaching pair.


Mike continues to train, learn and compete, and very much sets the trend and is an example to his students.


He attained World Champion status for Masters Kata, as well as being a Bronze medalist in sparring, achieved in September 2018, at the WUMA, (World United Martial Arts Federation), Championships in Worcester.


Mike is a Sports Council recognised Qualified National Governing Body Level 2 COACH, certified by the BCCMA, (British Council for Chinese Martial Arts).


With everything that he has achieved, and wishes to achieve for Canton Martial Arts, Mike is the perfect role model and a great ambassador for the club.



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It has been a super Month for our Students, who got the chance to shine at their respective discipline.

A HUGE well done to everyone who advanced their martial arts journey, from our youngest Little Ninjas and Little Samurais, through our Karate Jutsu gradings and up to the Muay Thai and ladies kickboxers.

You all did a truly super job.


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Congratulations to all our amazing students who took part in the Canton club tournament, held in Folkestone! You did yourselves, your dojo's and your CLUB, very proud! Check out the media section for more pictures from the day!

Jokyu Spud

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