Sensei Reece Drewrey

Sensei Reece is enthusiastic to say the least.  His passion for learning, training, and teaching is truly inspirational.

This passion is what makes Reece such a valuable part of the team, and such a great instructor.

Reece trained Karate many years before moving to train with us here at Canton Martial Arts.  Since moving here, has started working with the full time staff and assisting/teaching at the full time centre in Eastbourne, and many other locations.

Reece has a vision and a passion for his Karate and teaching development for each class that he teaches at, and talks about helping his students reach the elite level.

Reece also got selected to represent Englad at the World United Martial Arts Federation World Championship in 2018.  He excelled, winning 2 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP TITLES.

A great addition to the teaching staff, and one you will love to train with. 


07397 776544


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