Please find below, the list of those coveted students, who have shown tremendous 'Spirit', and the required 'Dedication', and Technical Ability, to have been awarded their Black Belt within Canton Martial Arts.


This will be in date order from those receiving their Black Belts first at the top, then the latest ones will be added to the bottom as and when.

1 Karate Kirstie Freail May 2001
2 Karate Jade Williams May 2001
3 Karate Steve Heskett November 2001
4 Karate Ray Freail November 2001
5 Karate Nicola Blagdon November 2001
6 Karate Rachel Collier November 2001
7 Karate Mike Hicks September 2002
8 Karate Janet Wickenden September 2002
9 Karate Ryan Thompson September 2002
10 Karate Ian Cooper September 2002
11 Karate  Darren West September 2002
12 Karate Marco Ashby September 2002
13 Karate Ricky Dohel September 2002
14 Karate Ken Aldred September 2002
15 Karate Max Chapman September 2002
16 Karate Rob Sayer September 2002
17 Karate Helen Catmull June 2003
18 Karate Jessica Thilthorpe June 2003
19 Karate Josh Heskett June 2003
20 Karate Louise Tidbury June 2003
21 Karate Anthony Williams June 2003
22 Karate Katie Harmer December 2003
23 Karate Owen Thompson December 2003
24 Karate Scott Willard December 2003
25 Karate Chris Catmull December 2003
26 Karate Barbara Connors December 2003
27 Karate Maria Forza December 2003
28 Karate Danny Wyatt June 2004
29 Karate Neil Reynolds December 2004
30 Karate Matthew Hyde June 2007
31 Karate Ian Archer September 2007
32 Karate Aisha Boudehane September 2007
33 Karate James Keen September 2007
34 Karate David Woollard September 2007
35 Karate Chloe Baker September 2007
36 Karate Kira Marsh December 2007
37 Karate Lily Jackson December 2007
38 Karate Andy Fisher December 2007
39 Karate Maria Hearne December 2007
40 Karate Carl Taylor December 2007
41 Karate Natasha Taylor December 2007
42 Karate Geoff Stumbles December 2007
43 Karate Paul Stumbles December 2007
44 Karate Megan Hand  December 2007
45 Karate China Hutton June 2008
46 Karate Geoff Dunn June 2008
47 Karate Carl Dunn June 2008
48 Karate Adela Dunn June 2008
49 Karate Michael Hannush June 2008
50 Karate Luke Warner June 2008
51 Karate James Warner June 2008
52 Karate David Dunne December 2008
53 Karate Jamie Sheppard December 2008
54 Karate David Harris December 2008
55 Karate Dee Hannush December 2008
56 Karate Layla McGhan December 2008
57 Karate Phil Mitchell December 2008
58 Karate Robert Hilton December 2008
59 Muay Thai Darren Warren June 2010
60 Muay Thai Brett Wells June 2010
61 Karate Kevin Lee June 2010
62 Karate Peter Lee June 2010
63 Karate Lee Dunn June 2010
64 Karate Martin Bissell June 2010
65 Karate Peter Jones June 2010
66 Muay Thai Ian Archer June 2011
67 Karate Jeremy Thorpe December 2011
68 Karate Ryan Thorpe-Putland December 2011
69 Kobudo China Hutton September 2012
70 Karate Michael Deans December 2012
71 Karate Nicola Deans December 2012
72 Kobudo Ian Archer December 2012
73 Muay Thai Jim Bratton June 2013
74 Muay Thai David Blick June 2013
75 Muay Thai Michael Deans June 2013
76 Karate Jack Bradford December 2013
77 Karate Jamie King December 2013
78 Karate Rocky Hutton December 2013
79 Muay Thai Carl Dunn December 2013
80 Muay Thai Gareth Wilkinson December 2013
81 Kobudo Denise Hardy December 2013
82 Kobudo Rocky Hutton December 2013
83 Karate Denise Hardy December 2014
84 Karate Mike Hardy December 2014
85 Karate Marc Walmsley December 2014
86 Karate Garry Gilbert December 2014
87 Karate Kurt Bryant December 2014
88 Muay Thai Matthew Tench June 2016
89 Karate Aswen Nash June 2017
90 Karate Sophia Saxby June 2017
91 Karate Imam Barrientos June 2017
92 Karate Filipe Gaspar June 2017
93 Karate Zuleika Smyth December 2017
94 Muay Thai Aimee Bannister December 2017



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East Sussex and Kent GRADINGS!

Big congratulations to all those who took their next step in their martial arts journeys by grading at the weekend, (17th/18th), either in Kent or East Sussex.


Kigen set a tough task to end the year with and you all shone magnificently.

Well done to you all. Now let's get ready to smash the NEXT one!


Jokyu Spud



Get READY for the 2018 Canton Christmas celebration extravaganza!!

This years event will be at the HASTINGS dojo, at the Summerfields Leisure Centre, on Saturday 1st December.


Bring yourselves and your families, (together with a plate of food and some soft drink to share), and enjoy the fun activities on offer.


Come and celebrate the successes of those dojos and students who have been nominated to receive an award!

Don't MISS it!


Jokyu Spud

Canton & ENGLAND Squad!

Congratulations to our amazing Canton team who represented our club and Country at the WUMA World Championships on October 6th.


We amassed an astonishing FIFTEEN gold medals with accompanying World titles, TEN silver medals and 6 bronze medals.


Pictures to follow in our Gallery.


Congratulations to all our super instructors, especially coach Jokyu Kira Jade Marsh and to our Kigen and founder, Richard Canton himself, who in addition to organising and supervising the whole selection process, won an unprecedented FIVE gold medals/world titles on the day!

Jokyu Spud


Club Championships!

HUGE kudos to everyone who attended the club championships on Sunday, 22nd July.


You guys all showed the amazing spirit, dedication and fun for which this club is renowned for and on which we so pride ourselves!

Keep an eye out for updates, from the day, to the PICTURE gallery coming very soon.








Our PHOTO GALLERY is now updated with the brilliant pics from our EPIC November Anniversary celebrations and grading extravaganza! Check them out!




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