Sensei Kirk Hodson

Sensei Kirk has tremendous technical ability within Karate.

This is eveident as he has been assisting and teaching classes for many years within Canton Martial Arts.

Being involved within the Ashford Dojo since the beginning, he knows the area and its students better than anyone.  He wants Ashford students to be succesful and for the Dojo to excell in every way possible.

He wants whats best for you/him/your kids.

He supports man on the run, and any other Canton event possible to help raise profiles and awareness.

Driving many hours throughout the week, just to get to training and teaching, his dedication to Karate and the students in Ashford is second to none, he truly is exceptional in this aspect.

To excell in technical ability and get expert advice, train with Sensei Kirk at every given opportiunity. 


07397 776544


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