modern day martial arts with traditional values


Canton Martial Arts is a registered and accredited Black Belt Academy that runs Martial Arts classes throughout Kent and East Sussex. We are a successful family run, and family friendly academy; producing World, European, British and County Champions in many disciplines.


We excell in teaching our own unique styles of Karate and Muay Thai Kickboxing using 21st Century teaching methods and techniques yet stick to the ethos of traditional values and etiquettes. This we believe puts us at the forefront within the Martial Arts community in the South East.  Using this modern method and ethos, we believe everyone, no matter who you are, with the right ‘SPIRIT- DEDICATION -FUN’, should and will achieve your Martial Arts goals and dreams.


The BENEFITS FOR YOU, and your family, if you wish to train with Canton Martial Arts are many, and include the following:

  • Increased DISCIPLINE for yourself; to increase your self discipline will help you achieve your goals in life, and for your children to be able to behave and listen to authority. 
  • Increased CONFIDENCE, knowing how to defend yourself and feel better about yourself will increase your confidence levels.
  • Increased RESPECT, teaching ourselves and our children that we must respect ourselves, our training partners and those who run the classes.
  • Increased FITNESS, without any doubt Martial Arts WILL increase your overall fitness and increase your flexibility. 
  • Increased BULLY AWARENESS, knowing what to do and how to behave when or if being bullied is an important skill that we teach you and everyone should learn.
  • Increased SELF DEFENCE, knowing how to defend yourself in many given situations, also having piece of mind that you and your children have the skills that could protect them if anything bad may happen.
  • Please read our testimonials throughout this website, to see the benefits others have received through Martial Arts training at 'Team Canton'.


We pride ourselves on excellent student service and care, and treat everyone as extended family members. To us all at Canton Martial Arts Black Belt Academy, we are:





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